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Trial Lessons

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Just think of all those special events such as Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Mothers and Fathers Day when you would like to give family or friends a great surprise. A Trial Flying Lesson could be just the answer.

A trial lesson gives you  an opportunity to experience flight in a light aircraft,  to handle the controls and manoeuvre the aircraft. Trial lessons are available from between 30 minutes and an hour in the air – making it an exciting and affordable present for someone else – or for you to see if flying is something you might like to consider taking up as a hobby or profession.

The trial lesson will be given in one of our fleet of Piper Aircraft. You will have a briefing on the content of the flight and then your instructor will go through all the aircraft controls telling you what affect they have to the aircraft in flight. Depending on how much time you have you may be able to choose where to go on your flight – possibly over Stonehenge or maybe over your own home if you are local enough. During the flight you will take control of the aircraft and depending on how much you have absorbed you may be able to fly back to airfield and even position the aircraft for landing.

If all this sounds a bit tame you can always go for an aerobatic trial lesson in our Super Decathlon – pull a few G’s and turn your world upside down!