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The Flying Companion’s Certificate Course

The AOPA Flying Companion’s Course has been constructed to enable those who fly with a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) holder to be involved in the flights and therefore, more confident when flying as passengers. Completion of the course leads to the issue of the AOPA Flying Companions Certificate. Although the course does not in itself lead to a pilot’s licence it must be conducted by a qualified Flight Instructor. It is appreciated that some flying companions may wish to continue training for the PPL and the hours flown on the course may be counted towards that qualification. However, it should be noted that the syllabus is an abridged version of the early flight exercises and ground studies for the PPL and covers only parts of the training requirements for the EASA PPL.

The course consists of a minimum of eight hours dual flying with a qualified Flight Instructor conducted within a period of 12 months. This would normally be undertaken in the type of aircraft regularly flown with the student taking control from the appropriate seat.

The theoretical knowledge section of the course will consist of a minimum of ten hours of briefing/lectures given by a flight Instructor at a level appropriate to the requirements of the flight training syllabus.