Western Air Thruxton

Professional Training

Single Engine Class Rating Instructor

Single pilot: Single Engine Piston CRI (SPA/SEP)

Pre-Course Requirements

  •  A valid SEP (land) rating
  •  300 hours flight time as pilot of aeroplanes
  •  30 hours PIC on relevant aircraft class
  •  Completed an approved course of training.
  •  Passed the required elements of the CRI skill test with an FI examiner.

Course aim

This course is designed to give adequate training in theoretical knowledge and flight instruction in order to instruct on any single pilot aeroplane class or type rating for which you are qualified. Ab initio instruction cannot be given. A CRI may train a qualified pilot for a SE class rating and conduct differences training and biennial training flights for revalidation of SE class ratings

Course content

35 hours ground instruction and not less than 3 hours flying training

Revalidation of CRI

During the last 12 months of currency you must complete 10 hours of instruction or receive refresher training or pass a CRI assessment of competence..

Renewal of CRI

To renew the rating you must undergo refresher training and pass a proficiency check