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Some of our students say that learning to fly at Western Air is different from other schools in that the atmosphere is more relaxed; we find that this suits most students and produces competent pilots, safe in our now more complex airspace.

There are two types of Private Pilots Licence as follows

The EASA PPL requires the following disciplines:

45 hours dual flight training including a solo cross country flight

9 written exams

• Air Law
• Navigation
• Communications
• Meteorology
• Human Performance
• Aircraft General Knowledge
• Principals of Flight
• Operational Procedures
• Flight Performance & Planning

Practical Exams

• Radio Telephony
• Skills Test

You also require a Class 2 medical carried out by a CAA registered doctor or a LAPL  medical certificate can be obtained from an approved GP.

Training for an LAPL licence has similar requirements to the EASA PPL except dual flight training time needed is 30 hours with a shorter cross country flight.

The LAPL is not an internationally recognised licence, therefore you are restricted to flights within Europe. Other restrictions are that flights can only go ahead in good weather and with no more than 3 passengers.

We can supply all books and equipment required for both courses through our shop (don’t get excited it’s a cupboard in the kitchen!).

Study for the exams is all self study but we do provide ground school if you are struggling over a particular subject. However we find that most problems are overcome with a cup of tea, a biscuit and a briefing both before and sometimes after your lesson.