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Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating (IMC)

The IMC rating allows you to fly under IFR in controlled airspace (up to class D). It also enables you to fly instrument approaches down to around 600ft agl (depending on type of approach).

The course consists of 15 hours dual instruction, a simple written exam (pass mark 72%) and a flight test.

You will be taught:

• General instrument flying (full and limited panel)
• Unusual attitude recoveries
• Holds
• Instrument approaches (ILS, NDB + VOR)
• Radio Navigation

Once you have attained your rating it is valid for 25 months and requires revalidation by flight test.

When applying for the IMC rating you should ensure you have:

• 25 hours flying time since PPL issue of which
(i) 10 hours must be PIC including 5 hours X-country
(ii) completed the IMC rating course which must include 10 hours of flight by sole reference to instruments

Pilots please note, the IMC rating is a national rating and is only valid in the UK territorial airspace.