Western Air Thruxton



warrior iii

Warrior III

Our 2005 Warrior III is fitted with the Avidyne Flight Max Integra glass cockpit, supplemented with two Garmin GNS 430 panel mounted GPS systems.

The aircraft is also fitted with mode S transponder and leather interior.

£188 per hour Dual rate  £175 per hour Hire rate


Super Decathlon 8 K CAB

Super Decathlon 8 K CAB is the perfect aircraft for both aerobatics and tailwheel conversions.

Dual Rate per hour £230  Hire rate per hour £210


Warrior II

The fleet consists of three Warrior II’s. They are the primary training aircraft at Western Air and have proved popular for training and touring since their introduction on to our fleet.

£188 per hour Dual rate  £175 per hour Hire rate

archer iii

Archer III

Our Archer III has a 180hp engine and is fitted with EFIS the same as our Warrior III and also has an auto pilot with flight director.

This makes this an ideal tourer with its higher cruising speed and load carrying capacity.

Dual rate per hour £200  Hire rate per hour £185

Multi-Engine Piston

Beech 76 Duchess Unavailable at the moment

Price per hour

Price per hour



Our 2 Cessnas are equipped with Garmin 1000s .  These popular aircraft are giving our students and renters the opportunity to try something different to the PA28s  with 180 bhp engine they are also a bit faster.

Dual hourly rate is £200 and  to Hire for an hour is £185