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Conversion to Tailwheel Aeroplanes

Differences training for conversion to “taildraggers”, as they are colloquially known, is fun and another skill to add to your logbook.

For a given type of aircraft a tailwheel gear gives better take off and landing performance than a nosewheel gear version so, in general, taildraggers are better suited than tricycle gear aeroplanes for short runway operation especially on grass.

Western Air offers taildragger training on a Super Decathlon. The Decathlon is fitted with a 180hp engine with a constant speed propeller. It is highly manoeuvrable and fully aerobatic.

Typically five flying hours plus suitable ground briefing are needed to convert to a taildragger. Training comprises general handling on type especially at low airspeeds, circuits and landings from grass and tarmac runways, crosswind take off and landing technique and some solo circuits and landings. If you have not operated a variable pitch propeller appropriate difference training is integral to the tailwheel conversion.

Cost per dual flying hour £230.00

There is no charge for the ground training.