Western Air Thruxton

Trial Lessons

If you were lucky enough to receive one of our vouchers for Christmas  don’t leave it too late to book your flight.  Believe it or not some people forget all about their vouchers.

We have in the past been lenient with the 6 month validity but would prefer it if this wasn’t the norm.

Chocolates & biscuits always help!!

Happy New Year

Just to let you know we will not be starting any new night ratings until the Autumn hopefully the weather will be kinder to us .




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Fly with other members

fly_with_other_membersFlying with other club members is a great way to gain more experience and share the cost of flying, as well as being great fun. There are opportunities for licensed pilots at all levels of experience. If you would like to fly with other members, please let the club know or sign up on the list in reception.