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AOPA Aerobatic Certificate Course

This course, designed by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and the British Aerobatic Association, enables pilots who wish to become proficient in basic aerobatic manoeuvres to undertake a course which meets both the requirements for an Aerobatic Rating and be eligible to take part in Aerobatic Events organised by the British Aerobatic Association.

The AOPA course consists of a minimum of five hours aerobatic flying with an instructor who is qualified to give aerobatic instruction.  These five hours will not include flight time during take off, climb or returning to land. (Pilots who already have some aerobatic experience may qualify for a reduction in the flying hour requirement of this course).

The theoretical knowledge section of the course consists of a minimum of eight hours. Four hours of briefings/lectures must be given by a person qualified to instruct in aerobatic flying and the remaining hours may be carried out through self study. Satisfactory completion of the course will enable the candidate to obtain the AOPA Basic Aerobatic Certificate including a flight test.