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Thruxton Airport


Visitors requiring fuel due to Covid 19 we are not taking cash payments please call 01264 773900 to give your card details and email address if you need a receipt.

We would also ask that you don’t go into the office.

RW25/07 Asphalt 770x23mtrs, RW 30/12 Grass 750x31mtrs. Fuel 100ll, JET A1.

Thruxton airport is situated 5 miles west of Andover just off the A303. Follow signs to Thruxton Circuit.

There is one hard runway and a grass runway situated inside the Thruxton Race Circuit.  Having the benefit of a hard runway there is never a problem getting in and out of Thruxton – however long and however hard it rains  – so it is ideal as a base, particularly for heavier twin engined aircraft.  We have an extension to the runway up to 820mtrs.

There is plenty of open parking on grass or on asphalt as well as open fronted hangar ports or fully secured hangars.

Aircraft movements are limited on race days and we are unable to train but flying and training continues during practice and test days. Our members often use the opportunity of a race day to get together for a fly away day or weekend.

Apart from being an international Race Circuit, Thruxton has a successful helicopter training school and AoC operation run by Heli Air as well as  excellent fixed wing (Aerofabrestorations.co.uk) and helicopter (info@heliworks.co.uk)maintenance companies.  If a re-spray is required (Edmondson-aviation.co.uk) are based at Thruxton and have an excellent reputation in both the fixed wing and helicopter world.  Aviation Leathercraft, famous for making authentic WW2 leather flying jackets, are also at Thruxton (Flying-jacket.com)

AvGas and Jet A1 are available at very competitive prices.

The Jackaroo Restaurant beneath the Control Tower is open for coffees, teas and light lunches whenever the airport is operational.

If you have any queries regarding flying into Thruxton then please do not hesitate to contact us in the Club and we can put you through to the Tower who will explain in more detail the procedures.

Airfield operating hours

Summer 0900 until 1700 local
Winter 0900 until 1700 local

All other times by arrangement

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Thruxton Airport aerial view