Western Air Thruxton

About Us

Thruxton is situated just off the A303 approximately 20 miles west of Basingstoke on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border. The airfield is licensed so whenever we are open  –  which is 9-5 from October through March and 9-7 from April through September  –  Airfield Safety Management system is also operating.

We provide PPL and LAPL training for anyone starting to learn to fly. Why not have a trial lesson to see how you like it – or maybe get someone else to  buy you a trial lesson voucher.

We provide training up to professional level for the experienced pilot who is considering flying as a career.

Our dedicated team of instructors have many hours of flying experience and will guide you through your PPL course at your own pace.

Head of Training

Bob Cole: PPL, IMC, Multi, Night, Aerobatics, Examiner

Our instructors

Don Atkinson: PPL , Night, EFIS Conversions Aerobatics IMC Tailwheel conversion. Examiner

We also have an excellent team of Part-time Instructors that we call on when required.

The airfield boasts both grass and ashphalt runways so we are not too hampered in the winter.

Parking is available on grass or there is some hard standing. Undercover parking is also available in our hangar or in an open shelter – although there may be a waiting list for these.

There are fixed wing and helicopter maintenance businesses on the airfield so help is always at hand if you have a problem.