Western Air Thruxton


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Race Day Closures

We will be closed on the following days for race meetings in 2017:
JUNE 3 & 4 Truck Racing
AUGUST 4. 5 & 6, British Super Bikes
AUGUST 26 750 MC Race Meeting
SEPTEMBER 2 & 3 BARC Race Meeting

Members have a word with us to see if it is possible to take an aircraft away for the week-end.

Night Flying

Night flying is due to start again on Monday 30th October.
We will be flying Mondays through Thursdays until the end of January 2018.
Please get your booking in early
Cost for the course is 5 hours at the dual rate plus £80 for the night supplement.

Fly with other members

fly_with_other_membersFlying with other club members is a great way to gain more experience and share the cost of flying, as well as being great fun. There are opportunities for licensed pilots at all levels of experience. If you would like to fly with other members, please let the club know or sign up on the list in reception.